Wyclef Jean Speaks About Lauryn Hill: Affair & Baby Drama

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“Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”—So the saying goes or should it be recited “DNA doesn’t?” Recently, it seems like the ladies have been out doing the men when it comes to creeping. Yes, ladies do have their sidepieces but the number one rule of cheating is DON’T GET CAUGHT. What makes matters worse is these women are pulling the “your my baby’s daddy card.”

Eventually even the sneakiest masterminds get entangled in their own web deceitfulness. Sex, love, lies, and baby mama drama – it never gets too old or too played out especially not for celebrities.

In this case, who would’ve thought that the alleged reason The Fugees broke-up was because Lauryn lied about Wy Clef fathering her first-born. Well, that’s how it all went down according to Clef. He discloses the untold truth of his affair with Lauryn Hill in his memoir titled, Promise. Shocking? Not really, but since the release of this deep seeded secret, poor Lauryn has been receiving ALL the backlash.

Fans are in an uproar and have been vocal about how disappointed and disgusted they are with Lauryn’s behavior. Even threatening to no longer support her music. Of course, this gives fellas even more ammunition to yell out, “We Don’t Love Them Hoes” and continue pimping forever. Interestingly enough, Wy Clef has received minimal disapproval from his fan base. It seems everyone has forgotten about Wy Clef and the fact that he is another man running around disrespecting his vows. Why is that? Well, it could be because for once the woman is NOT the victim.

Think about it, Kobe, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton – all marked as some of the biggest cheaters of our time. Their shameful behavior has been the topic of numerous movies, talk shows, and books which all portray the wife or girlfriend as the individual who gets their heart trampled on. Sorry, but girls do have some tricks up their sleeves. Don’t doubt for a second that sometimes the guy is the one dealing with the heartache. We all know what it’s like to be love struck –smiling just because the phone rings, but sometimes our heads are so far in the clouds that we are not aware of what is going on. Even worse, when we realize the individual we claim to be in love with violates our trust, especially with matters as serious as a child, feelings are bound to get hurt.

All in all, whether or not Lauryn is guilt of the act it’s still wrong and hurtful but she isn’t the first and sure won’t be the last. Earlier this week, singer Ne-yo’s Behind the Music on VH1 revealed his experience with a similar situation. His ex-girlfriend, Jessica White led him to believe for years that her son Chimere (Ne-yo’s middle name) was his –trifling. Situations like these sting as much as pouring salt in an open wound.

Unfortunately for Lauryn she has definitely become a poster child representing scandalous women and will forever have an invisible scarlet letter the “A” on her chest. This goes to show that ladies should go easier on men about having options because many of you ladies do have boyfriend #2 and just like the guys women get caught up too.

written by: Janelle Allen


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