What NOT to do after a break up

After a break up one of a few things can happen… Live with regret, tears or a sigh of relief. “Getting over” a bad break up is never going to be easy. Here’s 6 simple WHAT NOT TO DO’s after a break up.
6 rules of what NOT to do after a break up:
1. DO NOT: Seek out revenge:
Keying cars, breaking windows and damaging a person’s home and/or car is not the way to go. Jazmine Sullivan got some of us thinking that we’re too pretty to go to jail. But hey if you wanna go to jail and sit with rapists  and murderers then by  all means key the car. If not keep your pride with your head up high  and you will be able to walk away.
2. DO NOT: Vent to his friends or any mutual friends/family members:
He MIGHT be asking about you to them so you talking bad about him will NOT make the situation any better. Your ex in return will bad mouth your name and the next thing you know there are false rumors running around town about you. Any ish bad talking that you want to do, keep it to yourself or write it down and throw the paper out once your done.
3. DO NOT: Hit him up:
You’re going to find little excuses as to why you think you need to talk to him but the truth is, there is NOTHING to talk about. If there’s no apartment, kid(s), cars, money to be discussed then WHY HIT HIM UP?  As many would say LET GO AND LET GOD. Once you come to the realization that the relationship is officially over everything else will make more sense.
4. DO NOT: Go public:
Twitter, bbm, FB, Instagram and any other social network doesn’t need to know how and why you and your ex broke up. Leave the details between the two of you. I see people on FB single, divorce, separated, in relationships but complicated ALL IN ONE WEEK. So please don’t be that female. Keep your private life private. Save your next relationship and don’t bring it to the internet or any social networks!!!
5. DO NOT:  Jump into another relationship:
As much as some females think that they NEED a man in their life, it’s really just a WANT so that we know we won’t be lonely when we are gray and old. Truth is a majority of things in life is a want and not a need. Keep yourself off the market learn to be single again.
6. DO NOT: Leak any pictures/ messages:
As much as you want to blast him, using pictures he’s sent or screenshots of any emails, text/twitter/fb/bbm messages that will make him look “soft” or lower his manhood DO NOT DO IT. MOVE ON. You defaming his character isn’t going to make him look bad but it  makes you look like a bitter and  scorned female who couldn’t let go.


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