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New electric Soul/R&B singer Esnavi is creating quite a buzz after her biggest performance on Good Day New York in front of an estimated two million viewers. Having always been exposed to music since early childhood, Esnavi notices that these days, major labels care less about the actual talent and more about artists being products. She always knew that she had the gift, and felt that her gift needed to be shared. What great timing to reintroduce actual talent into todays talent less industry. Her songs exemplifies topics such as love, life, relationships, and the universe. Topics the mass can relate to.


Unique in her own right, her music expresses her individuality and she is humbled by her effortless ability to be original.  “We are all different, but everyone doesn’t allow their uniqueness to shine through. I do what comes naturally musically and vocally without thought. That’s how I translate uniqueness into my music. I’m blessed with an innate ability to be original when I create”   Besides her current success, Esnavi wishes to tour worldwide, record her next album and get her music on a television show, a movie soundtrack or commercial.  With her undying passion and the support of her fans, Esnavi shows no signs of slowing down. She recently performed at BAM Café in front of a packed house, released her single “Morning Dew” which also includes a bonus track and will be hitting the road to promote it in March. Having worked a 9-5 in the midst of witnessing her dreams enfold before her eyes  , it’s clear that the philosophy she lives by, “Keeping a positive outlook on everything” is indeed  effective.

Esnavi was estatic to share a recent comment from a fan that was moved by her music;  “As the tears flow from the deepest part of my spirit, I would like to say thank you for ‘Someday.’ [A song off my album, EXIT E] It’s a song that has truly moved, touched, inspired and feed me spiritually. I have been up all night since Pearlin left listening to it simply because it’s uplifting and empowering.”-Corey Wesley   Be sure to stay up to date with Esnavi by subscribing to her YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/esnavilive and also by visiting www.esnavi.com. There you can join her mailing list, find out about the most recent news in “Esnavi’s world”, read her bio, check out exclusive pictures, see press coverage, and contact her team.


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