Society’s Choice Pink Ribbon Event

written by Starlica Reine


It was an evening of sheer enchantment; the success we vigorously hoped for. On Tuesday, August 14th, as a number of you were out enjoying New York City’s night life as you should, at least 500+ people including family, close friends, and complete strangers gathered for a good cause at the gorgeous  XVI Lounge rooftop (pictured below) in NYC. Dr. Shireen Fernandez, founder of Society’s Choice in conjunction with The Breast Cancer Foundation brought together a special night, a “Pink Ribbon Event”, to honor a beautiful person named Dorivee Shapiro.  Society’s Choice is a club founded in 2009 with a mission to link and diffuse positivity all over the world by hosting lavish social mixers, raising awareness, and bringing out the mere good in human kind simply by spreading it through good deeds.

Dorivee Shapiro was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the ripe young age of 30 in 2004. The disease went into complete remission for several years then dreadfully returned in 2008. After several hopeful treatments and avid prayers, the signs and symptoms of the illness disappeared. Dorivee made great efforts to deal with the cards dealt her and live a life full of passion and positivity. However, that was short-lived and she currently is on yet another battle with an aggressive Stage 4 breast cancer.

At last night’s soiree, many attended and graciously contributed to the $20 suggested donations, as well as, participated in raffles and to the silent auction to raise money for Dorivee’s costly curative treatments. The night was vibrant with laughter and music from our favorites; the late Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston permeated the eclectic atmosphere.


There was no time for sorrow, but all the time to celebrate life and our heartening hopes for tomorrow. I briefly greeted Dorivee upon her entrance into the event held in her honor. Though her cancer struggles were apparent through hair loss from extreme chemotherapy sessions, her mere grace and strength never indicated otherwise. She is a true spirit; her joyfulness was absolutely and positively contagious. She greeted everyone with “Hi!” and an inviting smile. I thought to myself, “Now there’s a woman who wants to live”.


Everyone mingled, took photos with Dorivee, and part of the night’s focal point was the silent auction; with one of a kind designer clothing, raffles, etc. Duly noted, countless major corporations generously donated several gift baskets filled with fascinatingly impressive items to auction off, to name a few; Estee Lauder’s Sensuous Body collection, Dolce & Gabbana’s Cellcosmet Skin Care, a Weekend Rental offer from Maserati, Jon Megaris’s Hair Salon and Hair Products,  La Prairie’s Body Makeover, etc. Fuzion Magazine spoke with several of the guests and of course, Dorivee, who was more than willing to share a little bit with us about her struggle.

However, after the speeches, the songs, and joyful tears, we ended the night on yet a positive note. This said by Dorivee Shapiro and quite frankly, couldn’t have been said better, “Cancer is a gift and I want to do what I can to give back to the world.” Bravo!

Thus, let’s live life to the fullest today and cherish each day as its own gift.

Fuzion Magazine is wishing you well Dorivee.

And in the words of Dr. Shireen Fernandez of Society’s Choice – Dream, Motivate, Inspire.


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