Say It, Show It, and then Work It!

Spice up your sex life with some simple efforts to help your man understand and please you better.

It's no secret that men don't get it, they have no clue what really makes a woman tick. They are clueless to what would really make their woman extremely happy, or even how they got her to climax. Yes, that's right! Most men are not really sure how they satisfied their woman really until they are told what worked. So stop making your man play the guessing game when it comes to pleasing you. The next time you and your boo are wrapped in each other's embrace, explain to him what really does it for you in the bedroom. I have to admit that I once was that girl who tried not to offend her man when it came to sex. He would ask how was it, and I would be thinking "Nothing to brag about" while telling him "It was the best I had!" That is the worst mistake you can make cause that will only lead to more nights of unsatisfaction. There may come a time when your man will ask you what is it that you like in bed. Use that opportunity to really let him know! Tell him how you like it, when you want it, just how fast or slow; be graphic if need be. You need to spell it out for him, ladies! This is the one time he is actually listening and taking mental notes, so hold nothing back.
If for some reason, you believe your man has not listened to what you had to him. So now you'rethinking "How am I gonna show him what to do?" Break out your toys and get to work! Show your man how you want to be touched, where you want to be touched, and the exact technique that will help you get to that point of no return. Have him use the sex toys on you and guide him on how to use them. Trust me when I tell you, guys want to know what to do in the bedroom. It is an ultimate blow to his ego if he should find out that he never really satisfied you. My boyfriend once asked me what it was that I liked in the bedroom and I definitely told him exactly what I wanted. I could not be more satisfied with him! I'm happy I took the time to explain to him what it takes to satisfy me because he has actually proven himself to be the best lover I ever had!
Now it is not an easy task to just tell your man what you like in bed. But do not wimp out and let him continue to leave you unsatisfied! Gain some confidence and let your man know that his days of slacking are over. Men love women who know exactly what they want, and he will love the fact that you are telling him what he needs to do. Don't tell him with an attitude or wait when people are around to talk to him. This is not about you belittling or embarrassing him; you are on a mission to have a better sex life. So take a very subtle, seductive approach and let your man know what makes the sparkle in your eye shine bright. Remember, confidence is the most attractive quality a woman could possess.


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