Rihanna’s Fashion Rocks : STYLED TO ROCK

Styled to Rock is the perfect name for a show featuring superstar Rihanna. Airing this August on Skyline HD, Rihanna with a panel of fashion lovers, Lysa Cooper who is the mastermind behind some of Rihanna’s most admired outfits, British Designer Henry Holland and Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts will host a show giving ten designers guidance and a chance at dressing the stars.


Ri Ri said that music and fashion goes hand and hand and if you’ve seen the diva you know that she lives up to that statement. Not only does she own confidence in her music with lyrics like “ If it’s loving that you want
Then come and take a walk with me”, but she also makes other women want to walk with their shoulders back when she walks down Hollywood’s carpets in her perfecto garments time after time. I say it’s about time she has a fashion show (literally).

Rihanna on the red carpet at the Grammys



What are your thoughts? Are you as excited as I am?


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