Rihanna Tells All To Oprah

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Rihanna gave fans the low down Sunday night in her one on one interview with Oprah Winfrey. Oprah visited Rihanna in Barbados where the two engaged in conversation about Rihanna’s career, private life, family life, and of course her love life. Aside from revealing her true self, she spoke heavily about her past relationship with R&B singer Chris Brown.

In 2009, Rihanna and Chris were the highlight of every gossip/news website, magazine, and tabloid for their shocking domestic dispute that started over a text message. After all the drama, and physical and emotional scars, Rihanna says she still loves Chris.

RiRi tells Oprah how challenging it was to deal with the situation while the world was watching. As she fought to hold back tears she disclosed how humiliated she was and how hard it was to cope with her emotions.  Rihanna said the pain she felt affected her drastically. In surfaced in many aspects of her life. Even her music and the way she dressed. She said the worst part of it all was that she lost her best friend.

RiRi says, “I think he was the love of my life. He was my first love, and I see that he loved me the same way. We ran free, we ran wild. We were going at a really rapid pace that we forgot about ourselves as individuals. We needed something to completely shut that off. ”

Rihanna also spoke about the healing process of her tainted love with Chris. She told Oprah how resentful she was about the incident. In order for her to move forward with her life she had to resolve her issues with her father so she could be able to love and forgive Chris.  She said she had to separate her father’s role as a father from his role as a husband in order to rebuild their relationship. Once she was able to connect to her father she realized that she could let her guard down.

Besides, speaking about the aftermath of her relationship with Chris, RiRi told Oprah about her grandmother who she called Gran Gran Dolly, She described her grandmother as a legend and spoke about the impact her grandmother had on her life spiritually. She said her grandmother taught her a great deal about love and forgiveness. According to Rihanna, her grandmother’s greatest wish for her is that she marry someone who loves her more then she loves them because that’s the only way a man will meet a woman half way (a true West Indian woman’s mentality).

By end of the interview Rihanna conveyed that she is at peace, that she is still in love with Chris, and that she is focused on her happiness.


written by: Janelle Allen


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