Nicki Minaj’s Music Video is Banned

According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj’s latest music video “Stupid Hoe” is not getting any air play from BET any time soon.

The BET rep has not given any specific details on why they banned the video. BET simply states that they are not broadcasting it.

Hmmm, maybe the repetitive hook “Stupid Hoe” is one of the main reasons that the music video has been banned.


Check out the video. Was BET right to do it or they being ridiculous?



  1. Honestly i think they were right to ban the video… It is INAPPROPRIATE ! The song is indeed catchy and the punch lines are good but the overall message of the song is just not one that needs to be broadcast! Kids watch BET and i don’t want to hear a 7 year old singing “You ah Stupid Hoe!” Just my opinion though 😉


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