Make Him Crave You: New Forms of Teasing

Many men have said to me, at one time or another, that they do not like to be teased.  The truth of the matter is, they love it!  Now lets be very clear, they don’t like the teasing when they have already reached the point of being completely aroused; that is just cruel. They like the anticipation leading to the big deed, and I can give you some tips on how to make that period of anticipation a moment that they will continually crave.

I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but I feel like I have mastered the skill on teasing men and making them salivate (possibly beg) for my touch.  There is one particular method that really works for me and it will work for you too.  When my boyfriend comes home from work, he usually wants to just head to the living room and relax in front of the television to watch sports.  This is my moment to get him completely focused on me and not the basketball game.  I know you ladies out there have the same issue when it’s playoff season, but don’t be upset.  All you have to do when he comes home from work is make sure you’re already home dressed in his favorite outfit.

They all have a piece of clothing or lingerie that you wear they have deemed their favorite, so make sure you’re in it when he comes through the door.  But let him get comfortable in front of the television, and walk into the room ever so quietly.  Lean over and whisper directly into his ear, ask him what does he want for dinner, and when he turns over to give his response; he’ll be completely stumped!  Once he is able to manage a dinner request, proceed to the kitchen and begin his dinner.  Purposely, bend over in full view of his eyesight.  Take your time getting pots from the bottom cabinets.  All your slow, seductive movements and barely clothed body will have him sweating without the stove being turned on.  Throw on a pair of heels to accessorize your outfit, and there might be good chance that you won’t need to cook or even make it to the bedroom.

If for some odd reason, your “welcome home greeting” does not work always use Plan B:  massages.  Ladies, the same way you love to be pampered and rubbed down your man wants the same.  Do not wait for his birthday or other special occasion to give him that special rub down; do it unexpectedly.  He may act like he’s not into it, but trust me when I tell you he’s gonna love this rub down.

You’re working towards getting the ultimate prize: a night of lovemaking, but he won’t know that till the very end.  While he’s watching television or even while eating dinner, start to rub his back.  He’ll ask you what’s the reasoning behind the spontaneous massage; tell him it’s cause he’s such a wonderful man and you want to show him your appreciation.  Ego stroking also takes you a long way (wink wink).  As you get a little farther in your massage, invite him into the bedroom, lay him down on the bed and tell him the massage is better when he is in a more relaxed position.  Whether he is laying on his back or his stomach, make sure that you start working the massage due South.

Massage his shoulders, then his abdomen, and work down to his pelvis; by this point you should notice a certain rise.  Work closely towards his pelvic area, getting dangerously close to his member but never quite touching it.  Just when you feel he may have reached his boiling point, stop the massage and ask him in your most seductive whisper: is there anything else he needs to be massaged?  And your night should begin here!

You know the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words?  Well, in this case it’s gonna be worth a thousand words and then some.  Choose a random day to take some “naughty” pictures of yourself, barely clothed or just naked; and send them to your hubby.  But, I’m not talking about sending these pictures when you’re in the midst of pillow talk.  No! No! No!  Catch him off guard.  Send him a morning delight right before he goes to work or while he’s eating lunch.  I guarantee he”ll cut his work day short and begin a long evening with you!


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