Lindsay Lohan Has Charlie Sheen Help Her Pay the IRS


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Charlie Sheen has been generous with his money lately.  As he is helping actress Lindsay Lohan pay off her back taxes.  Sheen had initially offered Lohan $100,000 to pay off her taxes that she owed to the IRS and it looks as if she took him up on the offer. According to, there’s proof that Lohan is using Sheen’s money for her taxes, “According to the official IRS document, Lindsay has paid her outstanding 2009 tax bill for $93,701 in full.Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she used Charlie’s generous check to cover the tab — and has already applied the remaining $6,300 to her 2010 tax bill for $140,203…” The troubled actress, who continuously remains in the tabloids because of her erratic behavior, continuous run-ins with the law and rehab stints, is currently having financial hardships. We hope Lindsay can figure out her life for the New Year!


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