Lil Wayne Allegedly Kisses Stevie J

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Surely fans recall the commotion Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman sparked after the two shared a light peck on the mouth during an episode of BET’s Rap City: The Basement. After the fiasco Wayne firmly defended his actions and even rhymed about it in his verse on the song: We Takin’ Over. According to both Weezy and Birdman that’s how real G’s greet. Wayne’s verse shows how comfortable he is with his actions. He said,

Touch it, Bring it, Push it systematic. 
Damn right I kissed my daddy.
I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is. And I’m his kid I stunt with my daddy. 
Call Mrs. Lee, she’s with my daddy. So diss me and don’t diss my daddy”

Well, Wayne got caught again! This time around Wayne was spotted smooching with record producer Stevie J on stage at Miami’s LIV nightclub and it’s on video. Neither of the two has made any public statements about the incident, the two incidents definitely leave fans questioning Weezy’s sexuality. Check out the video below:




written by: Janelle Allen


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