Ingrid Michaelson Is Back!

Ingrid Michaelson “Human Again”

When we think of new artists now-a-days, we tend to think of a young late teen/twenty-something that claims to have the latest style, the latest swag and the “freshest” topics to sing or rap about. However, every once in a while, you tend to miss that enchanting feeling of timeless music. As such, we refer back to the vault… you know, the “music vault of authenticity and truth.” It holds the songs and albums that changed our lives. So why open up the vault? One name: Ingrid Michaelson. This NYC indie-pop artist has not only stood the test of an ever-changing time, but has remained true to serving fans with nothing less than excellence over the years. Talk about refreshing, her new album, “Human Again,” reminds you of what good music used to be. With her piano and ukulele trademark sound, it is hard to deny the talent that emanates from this hometown New Yorker. With her lyrically savvy and slightly whimsical songs, as well as her seasoned yet refreshing voice, it is highly encouraged that one grabs a copy of “Human Again” which comes out on January 24, 2012. But if you are already familiar of this indie-pop songstress and her work, don’t hesitate to check out her single and video “Ghost” which is now available for download on iTunes!


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