Stay Fresh for Fashion Week


Celebrating after a New York’s Fashion Week festivity and had one too many to drink? No worries!


Here are a few tips that will keep you covered when you’ve outdone yourself the night before. Aren’t you feeling better all ready?

  • HYDRATE: Before you go to bed drink at least one tall glass of water. Your body is most likely dehydrated and this can limit the darkness that can appear under your eyes the next morning.
  • CLEANSE: I know the first thing you may want to do is hit the bed. If your able to, I highly recommend washing your make-up off especially on these nights. Sleeping with make-up on can clog your poors and make your skin look aged.
  • MAKE-UP: The next morning, if you want to look fresh faced, less in more. Don’t try to cake on the foundation to make yourself feel better. It can make you actually look worse! Lightly dab a concealer (one that is 1 to 3 shades lighter than the skin) underneath your eyes. M.A.C. has some good ones. Use concealers that are creamy in texture for more coverage. Also, apply to any other redness that may be on your face such as by your nostrils or the corners of your mouth. Finishing touches should include lip gloss and mascara. Remember less is more.
  • SUPPLEMENTS:  There’s a great supplement that’s very easy to find called Rhodiola . It’s an adapt0genic herb that has been used in Chinese medicine and by Russian athletes for years to help your body deal with stress. Alcohol is a depressant and Rhodiola has been proven to effectively improve your mood, combat depression and also gives you a boost of energy.
Now you’re more than ready to throw on your stunna shades and face the fashion world! I hope these tips are helpful in keeping you prim and proper through New York’s Fashion Week and beyond!


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