Color Trends For Winter

1. Soft Colors – It is essential for everyone to remember that color is always important but winter is the time to tone down the neons and break out the pastels.


2. Mood-Improvement – For everyone that loves to be over the top all year long.. Adding bright details to your outfit like a yellow handbag or an orange scarf.

  • Lemon was a HOT Spring/Summer 2011 color, which is STILL hot. JUST REMEMBER it is still winter NO solid yellow outfits! It is still winter ladies LOL



  • Orange is TIMELY to say the least… Do your best to make it work with as little as possible to avoid an overwhelming look.


  • Magenta is another still hot color for winter but another fine line between fantastic and tasteless. Always follow my golden rule “LESS IS MORE.”



3. BURGUNDY – If you are looking for a little more color than something soft colors but not so much as yellow or magenta, burgundy is perfect. The rich color compliments just about EVERYONE and hard to spoil.

  • Grape is a WONDERFUL alternative to burgundy, especially the richer colors.


  • Midnight blue works for EVERYONE, EVERY TIME!


Make sure you comment and tell me your favorite color this season!


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