Chic has arrived For The 4th of July!

Feature Image Credit: Bossip

By: Celebrity Stylist, Fatiah Rebbekkah

If you are looking to be a fashionista for 4th of July, chuck tailors and simple American flag T’s are out the window.

It’s all about the short shorts crop tops and chunky American flag heels, and booties – this time around.

You can either be bold and have a flash of patriotism throughout your entire look from head to toe, or keep it simple and have the flag details in a specific item within your look.

There are a variety of American flagged detailed shorts find them anywhere from Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters -to Top Shop.



Now, if the shorts aren’t your thing, you can always pair your look with an adorable cropped sweater
The look is super cute and comfy yet oh so stylish.

Whether you decide to keep it simple with one item that has a splash of the flag or to get bold and do it from head to toe. This shoe can never lead you wrong; stylish chic and oh so trendy, Jeffrey Campbell’s will finish your look to celebrate this holiday.

Urban Outfitters

Everyone isn’t as adventurous as me so if all these items were still a bit to loud for you a funky manicure can still do the trick and keep you rocking the trend. Take this image to your local manicurist. Nails are always a factor in your look.

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So now that you have your basics for the 4th of July get prepped ladies and celebrate in style.



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