Big Ang on the Rise

Excitement rattled as Ang watched friends, family and fans fill the Trattoria Dopo Teatro for the premiere of her own self-titled Vh1 realty series Big Ang. The red carpet was mobbed by fans, press and bystanders trying to get pictures of the cast. On the inside Ang so naturally entertained the crowd giving hugs, kisses and poses for everyone in her path. Gorgeous guys passed out Patron Martinis and itty bitty cupcakes. Guest appearances included Carla and Drita of Mob Wives, Swift and Marie of Real World St. Thomas (now airing) and a slew of others. Big Ang made her first appearance as a lively mutual friend to all the ladies on the second season of Vh1’s hit show Mob Wives. Ang has bright eyes, boobs to the sky and everything in between. Viewers were first stunned by her big…everything. Her nickname serves her well because she does everything in a big way with a big heart and personality to match.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Angela Raiola casually known as Big Ang, runs a bar on Staten Island called The Drunken Monkey where locals come to drink up and let loose. The party turns up at this amazing bar and it is evident why “everybody loves Big Ang!”

The cast consists of Ang, her son A.J., Sister Janine, in-law Dominick, friends Linda and Lil Jen and estranged husband Neil. To reel in a younger crowd, she decides to give the Drunken Monkey a makeover and do re-grand opening. In anticipation for the re-opening, Ang recruits her friends to help her tie up some loose ends. Spray tanning and casting sexy shot servers were at the top of that list. “Hot guys draw a hot crowd” says Ang. Though the re-opening was of major success, Ang was taken back by a proposal from her estranged husband Neil!

This is just a bite-size portion of the excitement coming for the rest of the season. Tune into Vh1 on Sundays at 9/8c to watch Ang and the crew turn it up!



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