Be Her God: 4 Great Tips for Her Oral Pleasure

I don’t know about you, but for me, it is all about the tongue action! And if he can’t get it right on the first try, then it’s time for an oral intervention. Ladies, take a back seat cause this is just for the fellas! If your girl is not walking around the house having aftershocks from last night’s tongue down, then you need to pay close attention. You need the proper tools to give the best oral pleasure she can handle, and I will give you the tips to get your tongue back into shape!

Tip #1: Oral sex does not involve pain. You may think it’s playful or sweet teasing when you nibble lightly on the clit–big mistake! Our clit has over 1 thousand nerve endings; therefore making it the most sensitive part of our genitalia. So any pinch, nibble or teeth grazing is ten times worse than when our teeth mistakenly touches your memberThe key is long and tender strokes of the tongue. Try using the tip of your tongue to tickle the clit back and forth Or you can even use your whole mouth by puckering up and sucking on the clitoris. Suck and simultaneously use your tongue for stroking and you’ll get the desired response.


Tip #2: Slow and steady wins the race.

Alright, here is where you actually have to take your time, so I suggest you mentally prepare yourself. You will get nowhere with quick tongue lashings and vigorous rubbing. When you hear people say the women are delicate flowers, it is true. Our private paradise needs to be treated with care cause she will never let you visit if your main concern is a quick nut. Slow movements of the tongue against the clit might actually get to your goal quicker than you think. Take the tip of your tongue and make slow circles throughout her vagina. And when you get to the tip, slowly take it into your mouth. While your mouth is completely covering her clit, massage it with your tongue in tight, slow circles pushing your tongue deeper with each circle. The purpose of going slow is to build up anticipation and give the blood ample time rush to that spot. You are not obligated to just circles; slow strokes back and forth also does wonders. Take your time; good things come to those who wait.


Tip #3: Touch Then Taste!

So the foreplay has reached its fullest intensity and you think it is the best time to go and taste the cookie, right? WRONG! First of all, foreplay can never reach its full intensity for us; so, that’s mistake #1. While you’re making out with your girl, reach down into her pants and start to play with her. Notice I didn’t say reach into her panties. Play with her on top of her clothes. Rub her with deep yet slow circles (the circular motion draws more blood flow which leads to great sensory responses). Being the smart man that you are, you’ll know the right time to use your mouth. And when you go down on her, don’t forget slow tongue motions at first then you can gradually speed up. Once she grabs your head and pushes you deeper, you know you have hit the jackpot!

Tip #4: Don’t Stop Until She Gets Enough!

I cannot stress this point enough; that’s why I left this tidbit for last. When you are between her legs giving her the best tongue twirls of her life, remember one thing: do not stop until she has reached her big O. I know it gets tiresome working your mouth and tongue for so long. Women go through the same when we have to show you that special attention, but your hard work pays off in the end. If you stop in the middle of your oral exploration though, you will regret it. Unlike men, some women cannot get as excited the second time around. We need more than 10 minutes to get our mojo back up. So when you take a break or stop the oral pleasure, it’s like you just set the clock back and you have to start from the beginning. Trust me when I tell you, you do not want to start the clock again. Best advice: pace yourself, build up enough anticipation and the work will be less strenuous and more pleasurable!

If you are able to master these tips when giving your girl oral pleasures that are out of this world, then you will quickly become her god!


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