Bad Fame: Christian Siriano is Being Sued

Youngest winner of the hit show Project Runway, ongoing partnership with popular shoe company Payless, and designer presenting a new collection on New York’s runways are just a few of the amazing things in fashion designer Christian Siriano’s life, so why we wonder is he being sued by his agency who claims to had assisted in this success and received nothing in return.


Designers Management Agency is currently suing Christian for a minimum of 53, 000 dollars that he allegedly agreed to pay them for their services that led to his partnership with Payless. DMA says that their negotiations gained Siriano this awesome Payless partnership, so why would he not give them credit?


Its been reported that Christian went to Payless alone and asked for his money to be sent directly to him and not to the agency. This dosen’t look good. It looks like he might have become greedy. It seems that Christian might have allowed the fame to get to him in the wrong way, leaving the people who helped him on the side of the road. I hope that this is not the case. There are two sides to every story though so maybe all of these bad pictures will be cleared up when Christian gives his side of the story. What do you guys think is the case?

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