Azizz Is In The Kitchen!

Can you smell….what hip-hop is cookin?! That’s right Azizz is in the kitchen! And let me just say that with his song “Provider” featuring Trey Songz, he absolutely has something that the young ladies need. What makes Azizz different from every other up and coming new rapper? Well for one his story. Originally from Georgetown, Guyana, Azziz traveled to the United States at 13 years old. After settling in New Jersey with his family, it was there that he unleashed his passion and drive to become an up and coming hip-hop star. With his respected background in DJ-ing and even being one of the fundamental members of The Outsidaz, a hip-hop group from Newark, NJ, Azizz has been well noted and associated with dominating hip hop acts such as rappers Eminem and Bizarre. This Philly residing hip-hop artist has proven that through his singles such as “Provider” and “Show You” featuring rapper Ray J, it’s hard to ignore his steady rise to fame. If you are a fan of that classic hip-hop beat that never fails to have your head bopping and the trademark flow that the reigning kings of hip-hop are known for, check out Azizz’s music and bio here!  Become a fan on his page, and also be sure to follow Azizz on twitter @AzizzMusic.


Fuzion Magazine:   How early can you remember your dream of wanting to do music?

Azizz :  I was six years old when I knew what I wanted to be in life. I started to DJ for my mom’s parties when I was six. I would play the songs they loved the most because I would remember the character on the vinyl. They all love me.

Fuzion Magazine:   What people, places, or things inspire your work?

Azizz:  The streets of Newark Brick City, NJ inspired my music also artist rip Slang Ton, Luen one, Outsidaz, Bob Marley, Krs one, slick Rick, 2pac, and Biggie.

Fuzion Magazine:  What sets you apart from other hip hop artist?

Azizz:  I’m a business man who love music and I refuse to box myself in because I love all music. So you’re going to get a lil hip hop, pop, reggae and rock n roll from Azizz.

Fuzion Magazine:   How did you get to collaborate with other hip hop artist such as Trey Songz and Ray J?

Azizz: The Trey Songz record came about from working with producer Sirlos and Jasdeep of J&S Vibes once we got cool and became family Los aka Sirlos knew I was working on my mix tape. He said I got a joint with Trey you can use for promotional purposes only you can’t sell it. So I said cool let’s do it. I wrote the verses in my head in about 20 min I was so excited.

The Ray J song came about when my x manager Jared had a friend who knew Ray J and put us in contact with his peoples he heard the song, liked it, we did the paperwork then we hung out in Vegas the weekend of  Floyd Mayweather/Shane Mosley fight. The following week the song was complete. It was cool the way things worked out.

Fuzion Magazine: Does your DJ background play heavily into your music style today?

Azizz:  Yes, my DJ background plays heavily into my music because I have an ear for what I club would dance to. In this business the more you make the people dance the more they love you and also it helps because you know what songs to release that catches the attention of other DJ’s as well.

Fuzion Magazine:  What do you want people to remember most about you as an artist?

Azizz:  That no matter what struggles life has thrown my way, I never gave up because music is where my heart has always laid.

Fuzion Magazine:  What inspired your single “Provider”?

Azizz: The single “Provider” was inspired by my wife and women. See, us as men do so much for women and get no credit and sometimes we get called funny names for doing more than our jobs. I just wanted dudes to not feel guilty for providing for women, if they can afford to.

 Fuzion Magazine: What advice would you give to young hip hop artists that have big dreams as you did?

Azizz: For the young up and coming rappers I would like to say Read stay in school go to college and become the best writer and business man you can.  Music isn’t going to feed right away so save your money get your own studio and most importantly become friends with those who share you dream.

Fuzion Magazine:  Do you miss your native land of Georgetown, Guyana? Do you feel like they are proud of you?

Azizz: Yes, I miss my native land and yes they are proud of me even though I have never been back. I still get love.  It’s a part of our culture to always show love.

Fuzion Magazine: When can we anticipate your album dropping?

Azizz:  I’m shooting for 2012. So I’ll be dropping a new single every 3 months this year until we do decide when the official release will be.




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