5 Ways to Ruin the Moment

So you’re in the middle of your love session getting hot and heavy.  Then just as you’re about to reach that pivotal moment of no return, he looks you in the eyes and asks,”What’s my name?” There are many ways to ruin the mood in the bedroom, and that previous statement is one of many faux pas made by most men over the years.  Here we have listed the top 5 mood busters, and we can only hope you won’t make the same mistakes as our fallen soldiers have:

#5  “Come to Daddy!”:
I’m not sure why you guys decided to refer to yourselves as our daddies, but it is not cute!  That just makes us women cringe when we hear that.  We have a dad already, and the last thing we want our minds before sex is a vision of our fathers.  So please find some other appelation for yourselves. You are NOT our daddies!

#4 Let Me Put it in Your A$$:
Of course, it had to be a man to come up with this position.  I know that it is a position glorified in porn, but not all women like it there!  The women in those pornos are professionals who are used to getting it that way.  Despite popular belief, that position is not a pleasurable one.  Unless it has been specifically requested, don’t suggest it; it’s not sexy!

#3 Take a Shower:
You’ve spent the whole day out and about, doing your daily routines.  When you get home, the smell of all your activities still linger on your body. Don’t assume just cause you took a shower that morning, it’s okay to hop into bed with someone!  We are not turned on by Eau de BO.  Trust me, body odor matters and no one wants to make love to a smelly gym sock!

#2 Who’s **** is This?:
If we’ve been together for a significant amount of time, there’s no need for that question.  Actually there is no need for that question or any other question at all!  First of all it’s for the person in possession of it, and second of all when did this become an essay?  During this time, we are on cloud 9 trying to get to our pivotal moment.  We are not interested in boosting egos, at the moment.  Let’s finish first then we can tell each other how great it was!  Until then, just enjoy the ride.

#1 I’m Done!:
The biggest mistake you can make in the bedroom is to announce that you finished first!  Many couples will claim to climax together. Don’t believe it!  Sorry that only happens in the movies, so get that dream out of your head.  The truth of the matter is one partner usually finishes first, but don’t announce it and do not roll over to sleep!  That’s like leaving your partner at the dinner table to finish alone. Put the extra work in; keep going until you are BOTH satisfied.  I’ll give you a tip: just switch positions and make it your personal goal to help your partner reach that high point.  Trust me the favor will be returned to you next time around.


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