5 Quick Side Chick Guidelines

I heard side chicks have been winning for some time now, but it wasn’t until “Steebie J” allegedly put a ring on Joceline’a finger that I actually believed it.

Stevie J, of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, is supposed to be playing house with his babymother Mimi but has this side chick Joseline running around acting like she’s #1, that Mimi claims she did not  know about until the show (side-eye). Not to mention Joseline had an abortion, disrespected Mimi when they had their face to face encounter, and threatened her… but that’s a whole other conversation.

Some females sign up for the role of the side chick so that they don’t have to deal with the headaches of being in a relationship and putting up with a man or because they simply can’t get a man of their own. Meanwhile, other females are so in the dark they don’t know that they are the other female. The man treats them so well that she thinks she’s the main and the truth of it all may be… she’s just one of many. Before you accept your position as the side piece ladies…please, KNOW YOUR POSITION and stay there!

Here’s some quick side chick guidelines that if one wants this title must comply:

1. KNOW YOUR POSITION. You are simply the side chick not the wife.Do not expect to have the romantic dinners. Do not expect to be introduced to his close friends or family. Do not expect to be taken out with him out in public period because he may get caught and you are not worth the risk.  Play your position accordingly or  you might be reminded of what your position is OR get cut from your role.

2.Frenemies. Don’t try to befriend the wife and her friends. You are becoming messy! Don’t emulate who she is and what she does. You are the side chick because you are substituting for whatever the wife doesn’t have or do for her man. And besides, if you get caught… I pray for your safety.

3. Do not offer any advice. If  the main chick and your guy are going through hardships, don’t offer your bed. Just listen. Offering advice is not in your job description. Any wrong advice given will lead you looking like the bitter female and that you are trying to break them up. He has not left the main chick before and he is not leaving the main chick anytime soon. There is a reason why he is not leaving so just keep your advice to yourself.

4. Know when enough is enough. Not all side chicks get respect, demand yours accordingly. If you’re going to step into a relationship watch how your sideman might have an issue if so cut all ties accordingly.

5.Keep it Private.  Keep your life private and don’t give people something to talk about.  Your friends do not need to know the things that he bought you or the places that he took you if he even takes you anywhere. All your friends need to know that you are happy with your guy. The less you speak about the details about you and your guy the better because you do not want it to get back to the main chick.

The main thing that you can not ever forget that you are only the side chick and nothing else.  It’s only but so many times leftovers can be reheated in the microwave and still taste good, but remember… if he’s doing it to her what makes you so different?

Good Luck ladies. I’m sure Joseline will be proud!


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