You’ve Got Him,…Now What?

Ladies, you have met the perfect guy, and things are going great!  Dating for a few months, and now it is official: you are boyfriend and girlfriend.  think your job is done?  Now that you are in a committed relationship, there is no need to put in any more effort right? WRONG!!  Your job as “the girlfriend” is much harder than getting the man in the first place.  The number one mistake all women make upon entering a committed relationship is that they become too comfortable.  You are probably reading this now saying to yourself, “My stuff is too good, he’s not going anywhere.”  NEWS FLASH ladies, there are hundreds of women out there searching for a good man, and they will do anything to obtain him.  Your main objective now is to keep your man from becoming bored and running off with these other women.  You have reached this far, and I know you refuse to let some other chick reep the benefits of your labor!!  So here are 5 ways to keep your man excited and your relationship fired up:

1- Dressing Up is Not Only for Kids:

Men love intrigue and excitement when it comes to relationships.  We all know once we find ourselves doing the same thing every weekend, something is not right.  So the next time he comes home from work, greet him at the door with a glass of wine and nothing but a nice bra and thong set.  Nothing says i want you now than a nice piece of lingerie.  Dress up for your man every now and then; give him something to look forward to one night out of the week.  Try not to do it all the time because then it will just become routine and where’s the fun in that?  Make a habit of buying sexy pieces of lingerie and wearing them spontaneously for your man.  Trust me, he will appreciate the effort and creativity behind these moments.

2- Nothing Like a Great Quickie:

Okay no wants a minute man, but given a few minutes and now we have something to work with.  As stated previously, men love excitement so why not give it to them.  Show up at your man’s job for a lunch date, but tell him you are the lunch and he has that hour to devour you.  Seize small moments for you both to act like horny teenagers again.  Grab him in the car or at the club; he will be happy to know that after all this time being with him you still crave his touch.  And he also will crave you in every sense!

3- A Shower for Two:

As soon as he turns on that water, hop in that shower with him.  Take your time to bathe every inch of his body.  This is the time to emotionally connect with your man and make him feel like he is the true king of his castle.  Catering to him so lovingly will not only make him feel special, but it will also intensify the sensuality between the two of you and lead to the most mind-blowing intimacy you both will come to appreciate.

4- Sext Him To Come…Home:

Sexting seems to be seen in such a negative light in the media; however, when done between monogamous adults, sexting catalyzes intimacy. Send your man a naughty message in the middle of the day; tell him how you want it and where you want it.  He may be shocked at first, but he will oblige your request.  I once sent my man a message that read: I need a tongue massage.  He was at my door before I even arrived home!  So go ahead, be a bad girl. Sext him!

5- Porn, Porn, and More Porn:

Before you completely reject this idea, give me a chance to explain.  Men spend a significant amount of money on strippers, internet porn, and pornagraphic videos just to become aroused.  Instead of chastising your man for watching these videos, why not join them?  It is a huge turn on to a man to have a woman who loves sex just as much as he does!  Try a new form of foreplay and watch some porn videos before you head to the bedroom.  Watching couples have sex on television will only increase the heat between you two.  Surprise your man with a new video every now and then; watch it when you are alone.  These women are being paid to do what we will not do (sometimes).  Take note of what is being done in the movies, then act it out with your man.  Be his private porn star.

Use these strategies spontaneously as the mood strikes.  Excitement and intrigue will grow, and boredom will have no place in your relationship.  Remember, getting your man was only half the job, keeping him is the real struggle. With periodic surprises and spontaneous activities keeping his interest should not be difficult.  Although daily life may be overwhelming, try to always find the time to cater to your man.  He will appreciate your efforts, and he will reciprocate.


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