Top Five Beauty Blunders (that we beg you not to make)

By Josephine T. Zorel

  1. Mismatched Foundation- think about it: what do you have to lose if you add just a little bit of foundation to your skin? You can actually tell if it’s going to blend in with your skin. The best part? You don’t have that white face/dark body look going on.
  2. Dark Lipliner and a really light lipstick-  Why? We know what the shape of your lips are no matter what kind of lipliner you’re going to apply. When you attempt doing this, please keep in mind that aside from seeing a hot mess, we see 1994.
  3. Not blending your foundation properly- Foundation is meant to cover and not be seen. This in mind, when you apply make sure you hit your scalp line, near your ears, under and over your eyes, the area above your lip and right under your chin. And please- blend, blend, blend!
  4. Pronounced eye makeup and light matte lipstick- picture this- you’re in some atmosphere where the lighting is supposed to set the mood and not be spectacular. You turn to get someone’s attention and these eyes turn around and look at you. GAH! What happened to the rest of her face? Oh… she covered her lips with a really light matte lipstick. Please avoid this horror movie-esque effect.
  5. Eyeshadow FYI- despite what some may say, unless you are walking the catwalk, there IS such a thing as too much eyeshadow. Eyeshadow should have one locale and should not extend to the hairline, or to the eyebrow in one solid color. Do not try this at home.
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  1. Josephine what are your thoughts on Temptu Airbrush makeup applicator heavily sold at Sephora? Not sure if I should make the investment.


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