Three is Not Always A Crowd

Okay, you know every man’s fantasy is to have a threesome. So stop denying it to him because you’re afraid of what will happen after it’s said and done. You are a confident, beautiful, strong woman who can fulfill her man’s every desire. Plus, you have the blueprint to a successful threesome that will not only put excitement into your relationship but it will also keep your man happy bragging about you for days!

  • Establish rules for your threesome. Sit down and talk to your man about the impending threesome. Give him the guidelines of what will happen, but be reasonable. This is supposed to be a fun experience for you both. So please don’t try to be his mother telling him what he can and cannot do. Let loose and have a new experience that’s respectable for you both.
  • Pick the Right Person Together. Your best friend or one of his friends is not a good candidate for this type of thing. They say money and friends don’t mix; well sex and friends don’t mix either. However, mutual friends of friends or acquaintances are sometimes better than complete strangers. Although these people may look cool and be cordial, it is always in your best interest to be extra careful in your selection process.
  • Let Your Freak Flag Fly. This is no time for you to be shy. You need to show your man that you can be that stripper or porn star they drool over on television and in the clubs. Here is where all inhibitions go out the window! Make him crave you and salivate as he watches you in action with the other party in this threesome. Do things he wouldn’t imagine you doing and blow his mind!
  • Keep Your Composure.  Every woman gets jealous, no matter how much she tries to deny it.  It may bother you to have your man pleasuring another female and even enjoying it.  But there is one thing you need to remember throughout this process: he is YOUR man!  If the rules have already been established and you have spoken in length about this thressome, then there is no need to worry about losing your man.  Be confident in the relationship you have, and trust in the goodies you have.  If he was going to leave, he would have been gone so kick your insecurities to the curb.

You must be thinking to yourself: Is this chick crazy, posting this article?  Well, take it from a woman who has experience with this type of situation, threesomes can be fun when it is done properly.  So far my man has no complaints about his girl.  In fact, it was like a dream come true for him.  But, I did not do this with him within the first couple of months of dating him.  Plan a great threesome with your man when you are absolutely sure of your relationship.  Do not, under any circumstances, have a threesome to try to keep your man or just to make him happy.  Threesomes are meant to be an enjoyable experience between two people where both parties leave the situation satisfied.  That third person should represent nothing more than a means to end.  Think about it, you’ll be grateful you read this!


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