Summer Hair Looks

It’s summer and the going is rough. Who wants to have their hair matted to the back of their neck? Here are some hair ideas to keep you cool and looking fabulous.

  1. The French Braid- even though it’s challenging to learn, once you do you are overjoyed. There are so many styles  you can play around with  that’ll keep you looking fresh all summer long. Classic, loose, as a  bun or a side braid are among the faves.
  2.  Ponytail Pouf- this is one of my favorite looks- no muss required. Unlike the crazy Jersey Shore-esque looks, the ponytail pouf only require a quick tease of the top part of your hair, and then a rubber-band around the ponytail you will place in the middle of your head. Isn’t it great when your neck can feel the breeze?
  3. High Ponytail- Classic and easy when you have superlong hair. Great look!
  4. Bandana’s are all the rage this season, so go crazy! Go out with a bandana and without slicking down the rest of your hair. It even tames the frizzies…because it doesn’t show them! ::happy sigh::



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