sensuality for his senses

Our 5 senses are used on a daily
basis as a means of exploring the world around us. They can also serve an even a
greater purpose in the bedroom.  Entice
his 5 senses with sensuality.

Sight– The most obvious sense of
them all!  First thing is first, a man
responds to a sexy woman who takes care of herself.  Invest in some sexy lingerie outfits and fishnet
stockings.  If you really want his blood
pumping then you should buy the very skimpy lingerie that only cover just the
essential parts (if you know what I mean). There’re men out there who have
certain fetishes and also men who are turned on by the simple way a woman
carries herself with confidence!  Invest
in yourself. Keep your finger nails and toenails up to par. Trust me, when a
man sees his woman all dolled up in that sexy lingerie with a manicure and
pedicure to match, they go crazy. Remember, you want your man to really LOOK at
you, so everything needs to be well kept, trimmed, and neat.  No man likes a sloppy woman who displays the
evidence of all the errands she was running all day.  Go into that room with confidence and dressed
to kill.  He’ll remember everything you
had on and off, and even the color of your nail polish!

SMELL– Ladies, please stock up on
those Victoria’s Secret/Bath &Body Works lotions, body sprays, and body
washes.  You’ll be surprised at how men
respond to the different tropical/fruit smells of body lotion.  It is an aphrodisiac that gives the urge to
lick, suck, and eat!  A little perfume is
good too, but rely more on lotions that imitate the smell of fruits.  Ask him what his favorite fruit is, then go
out and buy the corresponding lotion. Make sure you also get the body wash and
drench yourself in it before you go to bed. Take your time rubbing the lotion
on your body; let the room become filled with its scent.  He may want to help you finish putting it on
or just ready to pounce on you.  Either
way it will be a great midnight snack for him!

HEAR– Everyone knows by putting
on some soft baby-making music, an imminent love session is bound to occur.  Soft music is good first steps for the sense
of hear.  You should blindfold him.  Just by taking away his ability of sight, you
have heightened his other 4 senses and added an element of surprise.  Let’s focus more on his hearing. Give him sweet instructions on what you would like him to do by whispering softly into
his ear.  You may even choose to do this
without a blindfold. Soft whispering is the key! Tell him how he feels, what
you like, what you would like next, etc.
Say it in a soft, seductive whisper between breaths. Leave him hanging
on your every word, moan, and breath. His attention shall never sway away from you again.

FEEL– Yes, I know it’s a pain but
you need to find a way to keep your skin soft and moist.  Men love to rub on soft, warm skin so be sure
to shave, shave, and shave! If you need to shave your legs every two days, then
so be it. No man wants to rub on any hairy legs or sharp stubble.  The best way to keep your skin moist is to
use a little petroleum jelly mixed with your lotion.  It will ensure soft, glistening skin, plus it
will decrease the chance of hair bumps.
With that extra soft skin, how can he resist the temptation to touch?

TASTE– It is always a good idea
to bring food into the bedroom!  There
are many different fruits that serve as an aphrodisiac. It can also help with
his libido.  Have a sensual picnic with
your man as part of your foreplay fun.
Strawberries with chocolate sauce, whip cream, peaches, watermelon are
all just a few food items to get the juices flowing.  Make it a more erotic experience with a
“Guess Which Fruit” game using blindfolds and or other toys of your


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