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Hello Beautiful People,

Welcome to Sagacious Culture of Hair. This is where the heritage of hair types, growth patterns, texture and healthy hair are prioritized. Sagacious Culture of Hair is defined as knowledge, belief and excellence of taste. Together we will set standards, learn values and practices while addressing our hair.  Men and Woman have such fickle hearts when it comes to what’s up on top, and each time we reinvent ourselves hair is the crowning glory.  While keeping a trendy look is flattering, Healthy hair should be the primary goal. One may say, “How do I keep healthy care? Or how do I identify damaged hair?”  Ask yourself these questions: Do you have regimens?  What are your protective methods? How often do you apply chemicals? Is your hair properly moisturized?  Do you pay attention to the products you buy and what’s in them? You need to.

As the seasons change your healthy hair strategy should as well. Protection, Attention and Moisture (P.A.M) are key healthy summer hair.  Just as the worker bee prepares for winter so should you. Summer time is an effective time of the year to train your hair for dry seasons. Take advantage of the heat, it accumulates moisture. Products with humectants helps maintain moisture by attracting water from the atmosphere (hygroscopic) and binds itself to the hair shaft. Examples of most commonly humectants are Glycerin, honey, acetamide mea and butylenes glycol. Become a savvy shopper by searching for products with these ingredients prior to your next expedition. Moisturizing your hair is important for the simple reason that dry hair breaks easily. An easy formula: Protection + Attention + Moisture = long Healthy hair.

Here are steps to seal in moisture:

(On freshly washed and conditioned hair, part your hair in 4 sections and follow these steps for each section)

  1. Apply water based product

    1. Shingle the water based product through your hair. You use water based first because the hair absorbs it faster. This can be your favorite leave-in- conditioner. Since I am natural I make my own with bottled water and a combination of natural ingredients (hard tap water will dry the hair out, stripping it of the natural minerals your body produces).

  2. Apply an oil based product

    1. Smooth the oil based product through your hair. An oil based product can be as simple as using jojoba oil, Coconut oil, or even olive oil. Try to get 100% it’s always better! The oil based product traps the nutrients onto the hair. Helping the water based product to stay on the hair longer.

  3. Apply crème based product

    1. Be sure to concentrate on the ends as well

    2. Shingle the crème based product through your hair. A crème based product would be your pomade or grease, it’s usually thick, make sure it does not contain petroleum and mineral oil. The ends of your hair need special attention, that’s how length is retained.  Once again I make my own crème base product because a lot of commercial products contain harmful chemicals. I am more than willing to share some of my homemade hair recipes, this requires your feedback and area of concentration in efforts to target the problem and receive rapid solutions.

Now that you have been enlightened by Sagacious Culture of Hair, go forth and do good works. Your hair is waiting for the magic! Thank you for time and attention in the meantime and in between time, Peace & Love.


  1. I never noticed but I actually do that!!! I use my carol’s daughter leave in conditioner, olive oil on my hair when its dry, then I condition and use olive oil creme to maintain the moisture in my hair…it really works very nicely


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