Sagacious Culture of Hair: Be Weave It or Not?



Are weave’s really beneficial? Or are you afraid of dealing with what’s
underneath?  Let’s examine the truth. There are four types of “Be Weavers” The Shy Type, The Experimenter, The Abusers and The Trendy Girl. First, we’ll identify our suspects and study why?

  1. THE Shy Type: We all know them, the one who
    can’t live without her weave.  You might
    have known her all your life but past elementary school, you have not seen her
    hair. She dines in the salon for hours to spend days in the mirror twisting and
    tugging to get things just right. Truthfully underneath her hair is dry brittle
    and ignored. All the attention is placed on extensions and flat irons. Typically
    these young lady’s suffer from serve hair damage from perms (primarily), health
    issues or over processing. Weave’s becomes a security cloak.
  2. The Experimenter: (Guilty) Now, this chick loves
    to try new things. One day her hair is down her back, short , chic, natural,
    braids, twist, whatever, you name it she tries it. Years may past and each time
    you see her she has a new identity. Switching things up keeps her fresh.  Natural girls use this method as transition
    period or protective styles. This is a great way to give your hair a break and try
    new styles.
  3. The Abusers: My favorite people! Boy O boy, She
    obviously has no idea what to do with her hair, how to maintain it or
    boundaries. Hear me out for a second, think back to a time when you saw a girl
    who’s weave was twenty five inches long but you see her actually two inches of
    hair shooting straight up. Yup this is her! Better yet her hair is dark brown
    meanwhile her weave is honey blonde. Oh wait, do you remember the girl who
    clearly has a weave but doesn’t comb it. So she doesn’t comb her hair or the
    tracks? Basically she has no shame. If she is your friend it’s time for an
  4. Trendy Girl: Should I say Houdini, she loves a
    track or two her hair. It’s hard to tell if it’s all hers, all phony, half wig,
    or a track or two. Her hair is good standing. She can blend with the best and
    mesh real and fake together.  One may say
    her mane is her pride and glory. Tracks added are for flavor and body. It’s
    important not glue them but sew instead.

Overall, weaves are temporary relief from dealing with your
own hair. Keyword Temporary! If you begin to lose sight of what you truly have
then how can you appreciate your growth? Before I leave you here are some
suggestions to consider while covering it up. In efforts to obtain healthy hair
you need: Oxygen, Calcium, Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, Zinc,
time and attention.  You can find these
ingredients in foods such as, nuts, eggs, salmon, green vegetables, oranges,
and good old fresh air. Remember Don’t “Be Weave” the hype! In the meantime in
between time  Peace & love.


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