Reggie and Kim Back On?


Color me surprised. Life and Style magazine is reporting that Kris Jenner a source is saying that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian still have feelings for each other  and that this might be why it didn’t work out with her and Kris Humphries. Apparently Reggie thinks the third time’s a charm.


“Reggie can’t get over Kim, and friends think Kim never got over him either,” the friend tells Life & Style.

In fact, many believe the reason Kim filed for divorce from Kris was because she never felt that spark she had with Reggie.

“Reggie misses Kim,” the friend adds. “He’s definitely told mutual friends that he will be contacting her.”

As Life & Style previously reported, Reggie messaged Kim begging for a second chance just days before she wed Kris. Recent reports claim Reggie and Kim even met up at Bar Masa in NYC on Oct. 29, when Reggie was in town with the Miami Dolphins to play the New York Giants the following day, though a close pal denies it.


I’m gonna need “the friend” to give us more details on this.  Couldn’t you totally see Kim marrying some NBA random in this huge elaborate wedding just to get Reggie’s attention? She is probably going to use the $ 18 Million she made off of this whole thing and buy the rights to the sex tape so Reggie can move on from it. In other news, Kris Humphries  seems really torn up about the split.


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