Purple Feather Earrings

Feather jewelry can be both glam and boho. As such, they are must-have accessories for the summer. But what happens when you have the perfect outfit for them, but can’t find the right colors or styles? You design your own. Simple Feather earrings are fairly quick and easy to make, and here’s how…

What you need:

2 ostrich feather tips

Other colorful feathers (you’re best getting an assorted bag of bright colors)

Crimp beads

French ear wires

Jewelry eye pins

A good thick glue like Aleene’s Tacky or Guerrilla Glue.


Jewelry or needle nose pliers



1. Select your feathers. I picked purple ostrich and fuchsia puff feathers for a lighter more casual boho feel. The purple  creates drama and the pink makes it pop (aside from being a big color for this year).

2.  – Apply a small amount of glue to the largest feather (aka base feather).

3.  – Press the jewelry eye pin (loop side up) into the glue. The eye of this pin will attach to the ear wire. Take your remaining feather(s) and add a drop of glue, then press the feather(s) into the glue and secure with a crimp bead and your jewelry pliers. (Note: the more feathers you use, the larger the crimp bead you will need, so keep this in mind when purchasing your supplies.)

4.  – While waiting for your glue to dry, go pick out your outfit, finish doing your hair/makeup or get more outfit ideas from FuzionMag.com.

5.  – Once the glue is dry, carefully snip the excess feather nubs that extend beyond the crimp bead.

6.  – If you like, now add 2 more crimp beads for a more finished and defined look.

7.  – Attach the French ear wire by inserting it through the eye pin’s loop.

8.  – Use your jewelry pliers to secure the earring.

9.  – Wear your custom designed earrings in good health for a great night out. And don’t be afraid to use them to tickle a special guy!


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