On Site NYC Fashion Week Coverage: Lincoln Center

Fashion Week in New York is always a frenetic paced and stylistic time in the city that never sleeps. Fuzion Magazine was on the scene, exclusively on site at the Lincoln Center to take in the sites and explore spring summer 2012 releases of new products. Amongst the companies in attendance were Mercedes Benz (the main sponsor of Fashion Week), Maybelleine, TresEmme, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and many more. Add in 77 different designers showcasing new collections over 7 days at the Lincoln Center alone, and you have one of the most vibrant and busiest weeks of the year. We were able to get exclusive access under the lights of the center to discuss with some of the participants of this garganutuan event and see the inner workings of what the industry considers the SuperBowl of Fashion Week collaborations all over the world. Check out some of the pictures we took at the Lincoln Center.


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