Versace and H&M is Keeping It New

image from vogue tumblr

Honestly, I don’t see the day coming that Versace will be out of style but I like what they are doing to stay fresh and new. In just a few days, on November 19, Versace and H&M will release a new clothing line collaboration in H&M stores,and two nights ago at Pier 57 in the Big Apple they gave everyone a bold taste of what they had in store.

Even though Nikki MInaj was a guest and performer not a Versace model this photo of her kinda sums of the line. The new Versace for H&M line features eye-catching colors, lots of fringe and sparkle, and plenty of prints. Nikki Minaj represents young, new hip artists right now in the music world and just like her, Versace will now be a part of the younger scene. By combining with a store that young adults seem to flock to Versace may be adding another decade to their influence.


No matter what field you are in you must keep things new and just based on the feedback from all the young stars in this video at the show, Versace is very aware of that.
Here is the fashion show.  What do you think of the new line?  Would you wear it?



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