Justin Bieber Decided to take DNA test

We have all heard that apparently Justin Bieber may have a “love child”. He denied that it ever happened, but she claimed that Justin was the only person she was having sex with. In the midst of all this drama, it was brought up that Justin should take a dna test.

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber decided to take a dna test. The lawyers of Mariah Yeater, the accuser, are pleased with Bieber’s wise decision. Bieber and his lawyers are determined to make an example of Mariah. They are very serious abou this, so that the message is sent out loud and clear to all people who try to accuse stars with false accusations. In this case, accusing Justin Bieber of being a baby daddy. Her lawyers are not scared, but are ready to retaliate I’m sure. Let’s wait and see what happens next. I’m pretty sure this will not die down for a while.



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