Heavy Metal Inspirations


Having styled for the likes of Adrienne Bailon (DefJam
Records) and Alex Mccord (Real Housewives NYC), Stacy Armand is taking her
creative ambitions into the jewelry arena with a line of designs inspired by
architectural elements and modern minimalism. Her jewelry designs are made from
repurposed materials—mostly metal but also murano glass. The shapes and
patterns she creates come from the rich culture in which she grew up.

Her “The Bubble Twisted Necklace” is composed of recycled
materials selected for their geometric appeal. The necklace portion can be
twisted and knotted into unique shapes and designs, allowing you to let the
necklace adjust to your mood and outfit. If you are wearing a strapless top,
you can wear it short by twisting and knotting it multiple times into a very
organic design. For a casual accent to a crew neck top, just leave it long and
“let it be.”


The Rocker Ring mixes metal studs with Italian Murano Glass
for that perfect pretty rocker look.  The
contrast between the edgy gold metal studs and the soft brown and gold flecked
glass balances the two extremes into a perfect harmony.  Perfect for a casual fall outfit or a rocking
night at a lounge, this little ring can become your “Go To” accessory for Fall



Ms. Armand’s experience in the world of fashion and her
artistic talents shine through her pieces, some of which are unisex and can be
worn by men as they are made from industrial metals and have a harder edge to
them. You can purchase items from her jewelry line on her website stacyarmand.com and at Rena Reborn Boutique located in Manhattan. I can’t wait to see what designs she designs next.


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