DIY: Glitter Pumps from Drab to Fab


We all have a pair of pumps that have seen better days.
Whether they are scuffed, scraped, or just tired looking, you can breathe new
life into them in under an hour.

What you need:

A pair of old pumps


Paper for stuffing

Spray on glue

Scotch tape

A large tin or pan or tray. (If you don’t have any of
these, you can also spread 5 sheets of newspaper on your work surface).



  1.  Take your pumps and place them in
    the tray. Stuff them with some kind of paper or cloth.
  2. You do this because you do not want
    the glitter getting inside the shoe as it can rip tights and make the shoes
    just plain uncomfortable.

    1. If your pumps are peep toes, as these are, put tape on the toe front so you are
      not walking on glitter.
  3.  Once you have enough paper inside
    the shoe, take your tape and line the inside edge of the shoe with the tape.
    Make sure to get part of the shoe and part of the paper.
  4. IT is important to make sure the
    tape stays inside. If the glitter you choose is silver and your pump is white,
    the seam will be very obvious when you look at them.
  5. Take the spray-on glue (I choose
    Aleene’s Tacky Spray). Give the shoe a light coating in one area at a time.
  6. Sprinkle that area with glitter.
    Once the area is covered, tap the shoe into the tray to remove excess glitter.
    Then lightly, pat the area down to help set the glitter. Do this for each are
    of the shoe except for the heel (you do that last because that is where you
    hold it from).
  7.    Once you have covered the shoe with one
    coating of glitter,, spray one last coat on the entire shoe and quickly cover
    with a coating of glitter.

8. Tap once more to shake excess
glitter off.



9. Carefully hold the shoe by the tip
of the heel. Spray with glue and apply glitter.

10  Carefully place pumps in the tray to dry for at least 30 minutes.

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