Enamore Interview

Interviewer: Christina Rozeas

Inerviewee: Gauruv Malhan

“People find hope and happiness in a range of avenues- some in fashion, some in reading, some in music and some in getting pissed. However, hope and happiness aside- fashion is something universal amongst every single person on this earth- we all have to wear clothes. I want to be part of that journey,” Gauruv Mahal, Director of Enamore states.

The goal is to change the way people perceive eco-underwear! The fact that Enamore is not a typical design house might baffle some people but the products speak for themselves.

Eco-friendliness has been taking the world by storm lately, but it all began at Enamore in 2004. Though a very  burlesque quality married the “eco” of it all, Enamore’s new mission is to make more comfortable products more available to it’s clients.

Ethical manufacturing? Check. Sustainable materials? Check.

Hot, hot, hot? Check!

Celebrity hotties, beware. You may just get even hotter after donning a set from these collections.

Enamore has won over hearts around the world. Featured in London Fashion Week, Boston AND Chicago Fashion Week, and on television programs world-wide, Enamore’s journey has indeed not yet run it’s course. In fact, it’s just beginning, and burning up the eco-friendly fashion scene.

Gauruv, Designer Rachel and their awesome team of photographers are constantly collaborating ideas, making sure their designs remain relevant and that the fabrics remain economical and sustainable. Marketing is definitely a strong and quirky suit.

What’s not to love?

Get shopping.

Oh, and  keep an eye out- because as they say at Enamore, “You don’t have to get intimate with trees to be eco!”


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