BOO-tiful Looks for HOWL-O-Ween

Halloween is almost here! If you want to give your costume that extra pop, here are some great makeup ideas. The looks won’t only get heads turning, they will break necks. Of course these wonderful concepts wouldn’t be anything without the fabulous hands of Ricky’s makeup artists Kathryn Lopez and Michele Turcin. Howl at the moon while looking fierce and be the center of every ghoul’s envy with these looks.

Have the mystery of the night embedded in your eyes with this look by Michele. It is a great thing to have if you want to be an alluring vampire or an enchanting sorceress.



You will need the following:

  • Stilla Smudge Pot in Black
  • Ben Nye Lumière Creme color in Silver
  •  Mattése Elite matte eye shadows in Deep Brown and Midnight
  •  Mattése Elite blush in Peaches & Cream
  •  Mattése Elite lipstick in Bite Me
  •  Mattése Elite Fairy Dust in Silver
  •  Mattése Elite Star Dust in Virgin

First, start off with the Mattése Elite Deep Brown eye shadow to exaggerate the eyebrow with an angled brush. As you are thickening the eyebrow, create an arch with the eye shadow.

For the next step, an angled brush is needed. You want to make an outline of a cat eye by drawing a line on the crease of the eyelid; make sure you draw the line a little past the corner of your eye. Starting from the lower lash line, use the gel liner (Stilla Smudge Pot) and bring it to the corner of your eye where you left off previously. The lines should connect. Once the outline of the cat eye is finished, you can begin to fill it in.

Fill in the outline with the Midnight Mattésse Elite eyes shadow while using a fluffy eye shadow brush. The Midnight eye shadow will be used as a setting powder. Pat the eye shadow in between the outline of your cat eye.  Once the eye shadow is set, fill in the outline with the Black Stilla Smudge Pot.

Great, now you are almost there. Between the brow and the cat eye you have now finished, fill in the bare skin with the Silver Ben Nye Lumière Crème. After that is done, it is time to begin with the cheeks.

Give your cheeks contour with the Mattésse Elite Deep Brown eye shadow while using a contour brush. With the Peaches & Cream Mattésse Elite  blush, fill in the apples of your cheeks; use a blush brush to complete this step. Using the Virgin Star Dust, give your cheeks shimmer with a smaller brush than the cheek brush you have used.

Finally, the use of lipstick and Fairy Dust is the showstopper. Use a thick coat of Bite Me lipstick on the lips. Once that is complete, lightly press the silver Fairy Dust on the lips.



Looking good!


Kathryn provides the makeup tips for those who want to be the cinematic psycho ballerina for Halloween. Try not to have a nervous break-down before you finish the look.



For this look you will need:

  • Mattése Elite Stage Makeup in White
  • Mattése Elite eyeliner in White
  • Mattése Elite Stage Makeup in Red
  • Mattése Elite eye shadow in Dust Till Dawn
  • Stilla Smudge Pot in Black
  • Mattése Elite Fairy Dust in Blue Reflection
  • Mattése Elite lipstick in Promiscuous
  • Mattése Elite lip-liner in Black Plum

What needs to be started on, first, are the eyes. With the Mattése Elite white eyeliner, make an outline for the  feathery design. For the bottom part of the outline, start at the corner of the eye and work your way to slightly below the lower lash line. Be sure to leave room for the red lining later. Bring the line to an upward curve a little past the edge of your eyebrow. Start on the top part of the outline by beginning at the corner of your eye again. Work your way upward to the middle of your eyebrow at an acute angle. Once the top and bottom lines are finished, connect the lines using zigzags to create a feathered end.

With the White Mattése Elite Stage Makeup, fill in the outline in with an eye shadow brush or angled sponge. After the outline is filled, line the bottom lash from the corner of your eye with an angled brush and the Red Mattése Elite Stage Makeup.

Now it is time to add feathers. Using an angled brush and the Stilla Smudge Pot and an angled brush, create feathers. Be sure you have enough space to fill in the Dust Till Dawn eye shadow that is needed on the corners of the feathers. After the feathers are complete, with a fine brush fill in the outer corners of the feathers with the Dust Till Dawn eye shadow.

The finishing touch is needed for the eyes. Use the Mattése Elite Blue Reflection Fairy Dust and lightly pat it on the feathers. This will give the eyes the iridescent look that is needed to complete the eyes.

Now it is time for the easy part. With the White Stage Makeup, cover the rest of the face except for the lips. Make sure the coat is even. Once you have completed putting the Stage Makeup on, color in the lips with the Promiscuous lipstick. Finish the look by lining the lips with Mattése Elite’s lip liner in Black Plum.



Et Voila!


If you are considering being adventurous and are willing to go native, Kathryn offers another great idea. Get ready to hunt ‘em down with this look.



You will need the following on your hunt:

  • Stilla Convertible Color in Poppy
  • Mattése Elite eye shadow in Fetish
  • Mattése Elite Pure Color Powder in Red
  • Mattése Elite eyeliner in White, Eucalyptus, and Azure
  • Mattése Elite bronzer in Sunset
  • Mattése Elite lip gloss in Quickie or Do Me

For this look you will need to create a mask. Start off by taking a piece of tape and placing it across the forehead and slightly below the arch of your eyebrow. For the bottom part of the mask, place the tape across the face beginning at the bridge of the nose. Color the eyelids using the Fetish eye shadow; use an eye shadow brush when applying the makeup. Use the Stilla Convertible Collor in Poppy as a base to set the Red Pure Color. After you have provided a basis for your mask, fill in the remanding space with the Red Pure Color Powder.

With the eyeliners, create a cat eye. Keep in mind that the colors of the eyeliners will  blend in with the Fetish eye shadow and Red Pure Color Powder. Don’t be alarmed. You will need to create a cat eye for this step. Start off with the White eyeliner at the corner of your eye. Bring the eyeliner up and to the midway point of your lower lash line. Finish the bottom of the cat eye with Azure and slightly arch upwards at the end of your eye. For the top, use a little bit of the White eyeliner on the top lash line. Then use the White eyeliner at the corner of the eye and finish off the rest of the lash line with the Eucalyptus eyeliner.

Once you mask is done, peel off the tape. Clean off the edges of the mask if needed. With a blush brush, add the Sunset bronzer to the entire face. You want to press slightly harder than normal when applying the bronzer. Don’t be afraid to rub on the bronzer with your finger if necessary. The bronzer will add the tan color needed to give that indigenous look.

Finally you want to finish it with a neutral lip. In this case you can use either the Mattése Elite lip gloss in Quickie or Do Me. Perhaps you might want to blend both of them together and put them on the lip.



All Set!

All these great ideas can be completed with the use of  Mattése Elite makeup, only exclusive at Ricky’s. Kathryn Lopez and Michele Turcin have been a great hand for these ideas and they can be found at their store locations. Now that these boo-tiful looks have been given to you, don’t be afraid to howl the night away.



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