Beyoncé having a girl?


Perez Hilton is reporting that a close source has told him that Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z are expecting a baby girl.



A close friend of Beyonce and Jay Z has revealed that the most important unborn child in the world it gonna be a girl!

The friend says that though Beyonce would be happy to have a healthy child of either sex (blah, blah, blah) — she really wanted a girl!

“Beyonce is thrilled she’s having a daughter. She and her mother are so close, and she’s wanted to have that relationship with her own child,”

explained the source.

Oh, we are SO happy for Beyonce! Just think of the outfits, the hairstyles, AND the attitude! This baybay is gonna be fierce! We bet Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles is already designing her first gown!


This child has been a girl in my mind since she announced that she was pregnant! If this is true then congratulations to the happy couple. I have to admit that I am already  jealous because this child will have a better shoe collection than me ( and all of my friends put together ) by the same she is 5 years old.


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