Amber Rose to Become a Writer

photo from getty images

If you had a betting pool going for how long it would take Amber Rose to release a tell-all book you can now claim your prize. Amber posted on her blog to announce that she’s been apparently writing for awhile and wants the world see everything she’s been “thru”.

 I have decided that I will write books. Something u may not know about me is that I’ve been writing stories for a long time it was always something personal for me but now I’m ready to share my stories with the world. My books are about being in Love, Heartbreak, Sex, betrayal and all of the things that I’ve been thru in my life. Stories that will make u feel many emotions based on true events of my past and present. I hope u are as excited to read my books as I am to write them for u -Amb

The first thing that comes to everyones mind is: KANYE. Will she talk about Kanye? This has been something she has been very tight-lipped about but after Kanye dissed her at Coachella this year maybe she will spill the beans. I bet Yeezy is sweating!


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