Adele May Never Sing Again!

Adele had to cancel the rest of her concerts of her North American Tour because of laringitis. This is every singers worst nightmare. She was not happy about it but had no choice . She was hoping to get better after a couple weeks which did not happen. She wrote on her website that she was very frustrated. She decided to take.her doctor’s advice and rest.

Hopefully she will be able to return for her European Tour. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

What is scary is that this not the first time this has happened before. She was so frightened that she changed up her whole lifestyle. She stopped drinking and smoking. But she felt bored with it. So she started smoking and drinking again.
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According to, Adele may have to do surgery. As Fuzion reported before directly from her pr rep that she is suffering from a vocal hemorrhage.

Her fans have been tweeting and sending messages on her website asking her to stop smoking and drinking. I want her to stop too. I don’t know what I’d do if Adele never sang again.

Let’s hope that she gets better and soon.


  1. I am sure she will recover BUT I never understand singers… I mean real singers like her that smoke and often at that. Especially at her career where the demands are so high (shows, publicity, events)…. hope she takes care of her.

    • I thought the same thing. Being a singer there are many sacrifices that need to be made. I really hope she takes in consideration that her career depends on her personal choices.


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