4 Sex Toys That Couples Need to Play With

These are toys that I highly suggest to play with your partner. They are are fun, sensational, and great entertainment in the bedroom.  You both will enjoy playing with the toy and each other.  You are not going to want to stop, once you start playing. Trust me.

1. Oral Delight

A kit that brings oral satisfaction for the couple. Lick, kiss, suck, and nibble your way to pleasure using the waterproof mini massager with a slippery tongue  attachment sleeve, delicious edible cherry lubricant, and a luscious strawberry lip smacking gel. This kit will have you guys playing and it is great entertainment for hours.

images from odysseysextoy.com

2. We Vibe 2

Couples  are really going to enjoy playing with this toy.  It’s  a hands-free G-spot and vibration during intercourse (or vaginal penetration of any kind, really).
Here’s how it works: one end of the C-shaped We-Vibe II fits inside the vagina to massage and vibrate against the G-spot, while the other end cups and
surrounds the clit. Together, these two ends provide enough tension to stay put during sex! Meanwhile, the slim 1-1/4″ connector leaves plenty of room for
penetration, and for your partner to feel the vibrations too.

Here is an instructional video on how to use this really fun toy.

images frombabeland.com

3. Dirty Dice

This is a gambling game that everyone wins.  One die names the body part and the other die tells you what to do to your partner.  This leads to great combinations like “suck your lips” or “lick below the waist.” So do not delay and play with this intriguing game with your partner.

images from babeland.com

4. Duet Ring

This toy is very fun for everyone involved. The bullet vibe, designed to be positioned against the balls, has a simple one-speed push-button switch; the
touch-sensitive top vibe vibrates on contact with her clit, or can be set to vibrate continuously with a small switch. Both vibes are covered with a soft,
nubby, sensation-enhancing surface, and can be removed for easy cleaning.

images from babeland




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