3 Ways to Undermine Your First Date

“We had a great date. Why didn’t he call me back?” Well, chances are his face resembled that of a deer in head lights and was trying to assess if a fling was worth the potential danger he placed himself in. No matter his choice, chances are the person saying this fell into one of these three traps.

But if you WANT to get rid of/terrify a male enough to cross to the opposite side of the street upon sight do one of all of the following 3 tricks.

The Open Book
We all live interesting lives and our experiences have molded us into who we are. While we think we are fascinating, leave a date wanting more is a good way to get a second. BUT, if you want to get rid of a guy, tell him your whole life story. Don’t forget to start in the birth canal, and if you carry pictures around whip ‘em out. Tell him all about your annulled two-week marriage and how you were subsequently arrested for dog-napping fido. After all, you DID deserve full custody. Don’t leave out the details of your aunt’s torrid love affair with her kids’ pediatrician, or how your little brother “accidentally” fried another kid’s while playing with the Bunsen burners in chemistry. Let it all out!

The Ego
We are all egotistical creatures to some degree and love to hear ourselves talk, but sometimes we can over do it (just a bit). Talking endlessly about your hobby of cat collecting and how you recently reached a milestone of 10 cats, for example, will send most guys remembering a family errand or distant relative is over. If that doesn’t work, talk on-and-on about how much you enjoy your career as a taxidermist. Inform him of how taxidermy is similar to how they prepared his Great Uncle Mike for his open-casket burial.

Old Crazy Eyes
Everyone wants to know that the other person is paying attention. But when a person stares in one attitude for too long too intensely, it’s a bit freaky (think serial killer meets Forest Gump). But if you want to chase that guy away so fast he leaves he climbs out the bathroom window, keep on staring. In fact, you can intensify it by leaning forward a bit and making your eyes bulge out every now and then. Believe me he’ll be gone before you’ve finished the entree.

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