3 Ways To Keep It Right and Tight

Ladies, we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  But, we also know that there is nothing a man loves more than a tight putty-cat!  Of course you’re thinking: my kitty was real tight before I had kids, gained weight, was having sex all time, etc etc.  What if I told you that there were ways to keep your kitty tight all the time?Even right after sex?

1- Damn, that’s Hot!

Now ladies, I am not sending you to go and singe your kitty-cat.  After all it is your most prized possession, so be very kind to it.  Before you go to bed, run yourself a nice, hot bath.  Depending on how much you can tolerate will determine how hot you make the water.  Think of your tub as your very own jacuzzi and slowly immerse yourself into the water.  There is no need to massage anything, just sit and let the hot water marinate in your kitty for about 20 minutes.  I emphasize the word HOT because the hotter the water, the tighter it will get!  Marinate yourself in hot water at least 4 times a week and especially after sex.  I promise that your kitty-cat will make him purr!

2- Olive Oil, not just for the Kitchen

According to Dr. Oz, it is important to keep your sex life active as it promotes a healthier vagina.  He says you must continuously have sex to keep the juices flowing throughout your kitty or else it will go flat.  Now to keep your man coming back for more, massage your kitty with virgin olive oil.  Not only will it moisten your treasure, it will also tighten it.  Dr. Oz has confirmed that olive oil contains specific ingredients that helps plump up the kitty leading to tight sensations for your man.  So frequently massage a drop of olive oil on your kitty and begin a very, healthy sex life.

3- Exercise morning, noon, and night

If you haven’t heard about Kiegal exercises, you’ve been living under a rock!  These exercises are a sure-fire way to get your kitty tighter than a baseball player’s behind.  It’s really simple to do: just contract your vagina muscles as if you were waiting on a line for the bathroom, then release after 10 seconds.  If you practice this exercise at least 3 times a day, your kitty is guaranteed to catch it’s prey.

Please keep in mind that you must remain dedicated to whatever method you decide to use.  If you think doing it once or twice a month will get your desired effect, you are sadly mistaken. It must be done as often as possible, and as time passes your kitty will become the one thing on this earth to tame him.


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